Adhere to the General Plan

A general plan is essentially a community’s “blue print” for land use and development; it serves as the basis for rational decisions regarding a community’s long-term development. The policies and programs of the general plan are intended to underlie most land use decisions. The Town of Oro Valley’s General Plan was voted on by the citizens of Oro Valley on November 8, 2016.

To learn more about the General Plan, click HERE.

As a candidate for the Oro Valley Town Council I believe in the General Plan process and the many hours of public input and stakeholder feedback that went into developing the final document. I continue to believe that this plan acts as the guiding principle that drives present and future decisions for the next ten years.

While developers have repeatedly sought to modify this plan through the Town’s legally acceptable practice, General Plan Amendments should never be taken lightly. If I am elected to council, I will ask the tough questions and study all development and rezoning applications to determine if they will enhance or adhere to the General Plan guiding principles.

During the current election cycle, we have two General Plan Amendments going through a modified neighborhood meeting process: the former Vistoso Golf Course in Rancho Vistoso and the Southeast corner of Tangerine Road and First Avenue. I encourage everyone to get involved and be informed.

I feel the most pressing issue that we face as a community is what happens to the former Vistoso Golf Course. It is presently undergoing pressures by a developer to convert current zoning of recreational use to medium and high density residential. I support the efforts of Preserve Vistoso, a non-profit organization, to save the recreational use areas from development.
Look for additional information related to these upcoming General Plan Amendments on this site in the future.

In closing, I believe there are solutions that can be worked out regarding the former Vistoso Golf Course that do not necessarily involve the need for development in recreational spaces. This area is a rich cultural asset that would provide a welcome respite for the entire community and falls under the General Plan environmental goals, as follows:

“K. The proactive conservation, protection and restoration of environmentally sensitive lands, natural resource areas and habitats and lands with high scenic value.”