Advocate for Fiscal Responsibility

I am a firm believer that fiscal responsibility starts in our homes, as we all manage our monthly budget based on income versus expenses. This same concept applies to our town government. The Town must constantly weigh income, expenses and capital improvements to maintain a balanced budget. Council members must be diligent in asking probing and insightful questions to fully understand the existing programs and new requests included in the Town Manager’s recommended budget.

I fully participated in the Oro Valley budget process during my eight years on Council, and understand how the budget process should work. I will be a fiscal steward of the town finances and always ask the tough questions to ensure Oro Valley residents understand and are comfortable with how their tax dollars will be spent.

I will advocate for an open door policy to be practiced by the Town of Oro Valley and pledge that I will be available to all constituents to discuss town finances.

Remember that you – Oro Valley citizens – are at the top of the Town’s organizational chart. You have the right to know how your money is being spent. The Town provides for you to get involved in the budget through workshops each year. You have the ability to provide feedback on the Town Manager’s Recommended Budget to be considered in the final version that will be adopted by the Council.

Please click HERE for the current Oro Valley adopted Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget.

I will always be an advocate for fiscal responsibility and will maintain an evidence based approach to the financial decisions brought before me.