Bill Garner is Tirelessly Talented

As submitted to the Explorer:

My husband and I are supporting Bill Garner for Oro Valley Town Council because we recently learned first-hand how important it is to have an honest, knowledgeable, citizen-centered representative in our Town government. We met Bill Garner when he volunteered to help us and many of our neighbors understand our rights during the very trying experience of having to fight development on the closed Vistoso golf course.

His knowledge and patience through this process would have been more than enough assistance, but Bill did much more. Bill has worked tirelessly to bring about the best solution for all the residents of this community. When the closed Vistoso golf course becomes a nature preserve and park for everyone in Oro Valley to enjoy, we will have Bill Garner to thank.

After receiving so much help from Bill, we were not surprised to learn that during the 8 years he previously served on the Oro Valley Town Council he often came to the defense of citizens.

When the fiscal crisis in 2009 threatened to close what was then the Oro Valley Pool, Bill studied the issue and spearheaded the effort to transform a run-down facility into the Oro Valley Aquatics Center. Our grandchildren learned to swim at the Aquatics Center, so we have yet another reason to appreciate Bill Garner’s contributions to our community.

This community needs the many talents of Bill Garner to ensure that the citizens are always the focus of our Town government.

Tim and Susan Biebelhausen

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