Save Open Space – Explorer letters to the editor 7/1/2020

Most of us who live in Oro Valley greatly value the undisturbed, open desert surrounding us. One of the more prominent of these is Big Wash which bisects Oro Valley. In the past I have hiked it, seen enormous jack rabbits, coyotes and ruins of structures from an earlier day.

This area had been zoned for recreation (golf courses, so I felt confident that it would remain as undeveloped in perpetuity. Silly me. When the Hiremath gang saw an opportunity to blade more desert and replace it with houses, that zoning became history.

Now you can see the results; hundreds of houses already built in the wash off Moore, more under construction further south near Safeway, and even more to be built north ex-tending to Rancho Vistoso Boulevard. We are going to have 600 houses in the Big Wash from Rancho Vistoso south to Tangerine Road.

Part of the gang that did this to us are two candidates running for reelection to the town council. That would be Bill Rodman and Steve Solomon. How much more desert can they spoil?

Well, there is a way to ensure that no more desert is spoiled. That is to vote for Bill Garner and Tim Bohen in the upcoming primary election. Bill was on council aggressively opposing the decision to purchase the golf courses and has actively encouraged town staff to follow the resident approved general plan to minimize future rezoning. Tim Bohen is equally opposed to unrestricted rezoning. These candidates will keep our wild areas wild. I will be supporting them in the up-coming primary and urge you to do likewise.

Jack Evert, Oro Valley

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