Support Bohen and Garner – Explorer letters to the editor 7/1/2020

Under Trump’s thumb, Gov. Ducey jeopardizes the health of Arizona citizens by opening businesses without adhering to CDC guidelines.

Likewise, Oro Valley town council candidates Solomon, Greene and Rodman—all funded by deep-pocketed developers—will override general plan zoning restrictions codified by Oro Valley residents.

The governor pretends his actions don’t have negative consequences; COVID-19 state statistics prove him wrong. Oro Valley residents need only look at the overabundance of high-density housing developments with view-obscuring acreage approved by the developer-con-trolled Hiremath majority to know that a future town council also controlled by developer money will approve extraordinary zoning variances that further diminish the quality of life in Oro Valley.

I strongly urge voters to select independent candidates Tim Bohen and Bill Garner for town council to help Mayor Winfield protect the health and welfare of Oro Valley.

Lois Berkowitz, Oro Valley

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