The Real Steve – Explorer letters to the editor 7/1/2020

Regarding June 17 letter, “Support Steve”: When we read Ted Dreisinger’s letter, we wondered if he was referring to the same Steve Solomon that we all know. He described Solomon as “a political breath of fresh air.” If he knew the real Steve Solomon, as others who attend or watch council meetings do, he would know the following:

Real Steve Solomon has a lengthy history of extreme rudeness and incivility towards the mayor and other council members, including one severe outburst directed at a female council member. Solomon has also belittled citizens speaking at the podium during Town Council meetings. This from the guy who ran for council in 2016 “to bring civility…back to our community and town government.”

Real Steve Solomon is self-serving. While in escrow to purchase land along the town-owned golf courses, he voted to spend $3.8 million dollars of taxpayer money for improvements to those courses on which he clearly had a personal financial interest. After all, he couldn’t build and sell his golf-course-view condos and townhomes if those views no longer existed.

Real Steve Solomon tried to hide his campaign donor information from the public when he ran for council in 2016. When asked during a candidate forum who financed his campaign, he refused to give specifics and said only that it was funded by people “who share my values.” Why the big secret? Because his campaign was funded by builders and developers, none of whom live in Oro Valley.

Real Steve Solomon is also a developer with a voting record of approving every developer-requested General Plan amendment and rezoning despite the protests of Oro Valley residents.

Real Steve Solomon has also repeatedly threatened to sue Oro Valley residents who question his votes or his actions. His behavior is unbecoming of a public official. He is unfit for public office. We can end this incivility and lack of transparency by voting for Tim Bohen and Bill Garner.

Diane Peters,
Oro Valley

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