Vice-Mayor Barrett endorses Garner & Bohen

Here is a letter I submitted to the Explorer last week in hopes they would publish it today. Unfortunately, they chose not to publish my letter. Please like this, comment on it, and share it far and wide with your friends and family in Oro Valley.

Recently many friends and supporters have asked me who I plan to vote for in our upcoming Town Council elections. I decided it would be helpful for me to answer that question more publicly.

The non-partisan Town election is often decided in the Primary. This year the primary is on August 4th. I plan to vote for two individuals in the Primary election: Tim Bohen and Bill Garner. If there is a run-off election for the final council seat in November, I will vote for either Mo Greene or Bill Rodman. I will not be voting for Steve Solomon.

Bill Garner has experience serving on the Council, where he worked to establish the Aquatic Center and to save the Town money by having the Library operated by the County. He has continued his advocacy for the citizens of Oro Valley when he was recently instrumental in helping bring the Conservation Fund to Oro Valley to look at preserving the former Vistoso Golf Course as a nature preserve and park rather than the proposed mixture of buildings including apartments and senior living. He is committed to keeping Oro Valley safe and to providing a parks and recreation system that serves our residents needs. Mr. Garner has demonstrated fiscal responsibility, and I believe that his leadership and experience will help us during this challenging time.

Tim Bohen is one of the most service minded, hard working individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. He volunteers on the Town’s Historic Preservation Commission, he regularly attends Town Council and commission meetings, and he actively participates in the governing of our Town. From these interactions, I have learned that he has a commitment to high quality work, that he is passionate about making citizen driven decisions, and that he asks thoughtful questions. He puts in the time and effort to review complicated and complex documents to make sure that code and zoning changes are in the interests of the citizens of Oro Valley. He is committed to honoring our voter approved General Plan. I have seen Mr. Bohen’s commitment to a safe Town and an adequately funded police pension. I believe that Tim Bohen’s dedication will serve our residents well on council, and that he will be able to provide invaluable support to the council.

Both Bill Garner and Tim Bohen have committed not to accept donations from special interests and developers, and will be focused on meeting the needs of our residents. They will seek citizen input, keep Oro Valley safe and financially secure, and honor our voter approved General Plan.

I would like to invite my fellow residents to join me in voting for Bill Garner and Tim Bohen on or before August 4th.

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